About Andalucia Ecologica

Andalucia Ecologica´s organic food delivery service has been serving the residents of the Costa del  Sol now for more than four years. We are very proud that we have been able to establish a solid link between local organic farms and customer on the coast


We believe it to be quite extraordinary that, in times of economic uncertainties, that our venture to supply reasonably priced quality food has an ever increasing customer base. Only in the las 12 months, we have doubled the number of deliveries and our turnover. We count amongst our customer families who have placed more than 150 orders, and supplying a restaurant with a Michelin Star in Marbella, which shows that the quality we offer is very good.


We feel proud to be an active member of the Spanish Soil Association, Sociedad Española de Agricultura Ecológica, and we participate in the effort to increase the domestic demand for organically grown food (98% of Spain’s organic procedure is currently exported)


We provide access to naturally produced food, grown without the support of chemicals and artificial fertilizers. It is important for our new customers to be aware that these foods will naturally be of variable ripeness, sizes and shapes since they are grown organically. The fruits and vegetables sold by Andalucía Ecológica are supplied by local organic farms to minimize storage and transportation. Our associated farmers receive an adequate economical compensation for their work, something which is often not the case when we purchase food in supermarkets.


We provide you with a very efficient service which allows you to receive you weekly organic food deliveries without any complications. With Andalucia Ecologica, you and your family can enjoy quality food produced by environmentally friendly farms.


We appreciate that customers are use to finding the shelves of supermarkets full of procedure, where food is available at all times. Andalucia Ecologica work differently since we aim to provide seasonal organic produce that is harvested on demand, thus providing food at the optimum time and also food that is full nutrients, so giving you a truly healthy option.


We place our orders with associated farmers one we have received your order, thereby maximizing freshness and quality. Food stored for a longer time will lose much of its vitamins and nutrients. We believe that soil and trees is the best refrigerator.


About Organic Foods

Organically grown food is very different from industrially produced food. Organic food has more solid matters and less water content. Our produce originates from small farms, which respect the environment and the soil in which it is grown.
Organic farms use 30% less fossil fuel than industrial farms and, since our associated farms are almost all located in the Malaga province, the impact on the environmental is greatly reduced compared with industrial farming.


How We Operate


Every Thursday you will receive an updated list of what is currently in season and we kindly ask you to place your order before 10 AM on Saturday. We place our orders with the producers on Sunday morning and your fruit and vegetable basket is harvested Mondays. We deliver in Marbella, San Pedro Alcantara, Mijas Costa and Calahonda on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Wednesdays and on Thrsday in Estepona, Sotogrande and Tarifa.
The order from all other parts of Spain are shipped on Wednesdays and generally reach their destination in 24 hours in chilled transport to insure that your purchase is kept fresh.


If you like to order organic meat, please be aware that there is only one organic butcher in Andalucia, located cole to the Natural Park of Doñana, an area set aside to organic farming in the province of Seville. The earlier you let us know your meat requirements, the better.


The organic bread available comes from an organic bakery in the hills above the beaches of Tarifa. We need to know your requirements by Saturday morning at the latest.


Very occasionally we make mistakes (we are only human!) so if your notice items missing or extra items listed your delivery note please let us know. Sometimes the produce you ordered is not available in the full quantity you wanted and you will see that you have slightly less weight marked on your delivery note. Please remember that the prices in our web shop are generally for half kilos (the delivery note will give you the kilo price and the exact weight) as that allows our customers to purchase smaller quantities. If an organic produce does not meet your expectations, just let us know. We´ll refund the amount without any questions.


Delivery cost are 3€ per order for deliveries between Fuengirola and Sotogrande and 10€ in the rest of mainland Spain.


You can follow us reading our blog www.andalucia-ecologica.es and in facebook under Andalucia Ecologica.

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