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There is a major difference, both in taste and texture, between organic meat and a product called meat produced in massive industrialised plants. All meat products listed come from organic animal husbandry and are strictly controlled. The farms’ animals live inside specific geographical areas, like the Doñana Park, dedicated exclusively to organic farming and husbandry, in dignity. No animal will ever be exposed to growth hormones or antibiotics associated with industrial meat production. For example, a chicken you buy at a supermarket, including so called free range chicken, reaches its weight of some 2 kg in 45 days, whereas an organic chicken needs 115 days. Many diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases are linked to growth hormones we deposit in our tissues which have entered our bodies through the food chain. The industrial meat industry uses up to six different growth hormones. The meat you will find in our shop is of extraordinary quality, perhaps the best meat you have ever eaten, and is completely free of all chemicals.

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