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Andalucia Ecologica is an organic farmers’ market on wheels, bonding responsible consumers and farmers, offering high quality, fresh and tasty produce. Your order generally gets harvested and delivered to you within 48 hours to minimise storage and transportation and maintain all the essential nutrients. You can choose from a wide selection of fruit and vegetables, which varies according to season. We prefer not to offer you a box scheme since every household is different and no order is identical to others, but you can establish standing orders to receive your basic supply regularly.
Consumption of organic fruit and vegetables has tremendous benefits both for your and your family’s health but also for the environment. All produce purchased from associated organic farms through Andalucia Ecologica is completely free of pesticides and fertilisers. All farms are strictly controlled and use no chemicals at all, whereas industrial farms are hazards to both your health and the environment. For example, 96% of peaches sold in supermarkets have traces of pesticides, generally three different ones, ( Many diseases such as Parkinson’s are directly linked to exposure to pesticides, and a cocktail of up to 11 different pesticides in one single piece of fruit cannot be healthy.
All the organic vegetables and fruit you can buy in our online shop are full of vitamins and minerals, and are fresh and tasty.

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